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2019 Synergy/DE Product Roadmap

This Roadmap communicates Synergex’s current plans for the Synergy/DE product suite. Synergex is committed to advancing Synergy/DE to enable long-term growth and success for developers creating and extending Synergy-based solutions.

Planning Objectives

When planning the Synergy/DE Roadmap, our objectives are to

Release Frequency

New Synergy/DE runtime revisions with new features are typically released every 12 to 18 months, and patches with fixes every 3 to 6 months. New SDI developer builds (Synergy DBL Integration with Visual Studio) are released when new features are available and to support Microsoft Visual Studio releases. SDI releases support a maximum of three concurrent Visual Studio versions (the latest release of each version), as well as any Synergy runtime version back to 10.1.1d for Synergy .NET and 9.5.3 for traditional Synergy.

Current Focus

We are currently focused on extending Synergy/DE in the following areas:

Upcoming Synergy/DE Releases

A timeline of planned Synergy/DE releases and their primary features

*Depends on third-party (e.g., VSI and Microsoft) release schedule

Other Synergy/DE 11 Features

Additional features planned for version 11


Traditional Synergy

SDI enhancements

24×7 operation support


Features Under Consideration

The following features are under consideration for research and development. We are also reviewing other features that have been submitted to the Ideas forum in Synergex’s Resource Center Community. If you have ideas for improving or extending Synergy/DE, we encourage you to post them on the Ideas site for consideration. Also, if you are interested in any of the ideas that are already posted, we encourage you to add your input and votes for those features in the forum.